Long live an equal (sex) life

Aima Sense is created by women - for you.

Sex on equal terms, sounds obvious, doesn't it? But when the sex is over, a rather inconvenient routine often awaits people who have sex involving vaginal ejaculation. Squeezing your legs tight while walking to the toilet, a quick shower and still risking sticky underwear during the day. Aima Sense wants to improve and simplify sex lives for everyone. Through high-quality and affordable products, we have created a complete solution for you to have a more liberated sex life.

To love, with love

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  • 1. Absorb

    A.S is a product used in the vagina after sex to absorb the semen. It provides a comfortable feeling, without irritation or dryness.

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  • 2. Clean

    Use Aima Sense intimate wipes after sex or whenever you feel the need. The wipe provides a soothing and moisturizing sensations that work equally well on you and your partner.

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  • 3. Soften

    Apply a few drops of A.S intimate oil afterwards to soothe and nourish the sensitive skin. It doesn't need to be washed off, so just enjoy the feeling without worry. The oil can also be used on the entire body.

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